Software Developer vs Software Engineer

Every Software Engineer has ability to do programming; however, all programmers cannot engineer software.

There are any people are afraid of Software Engineer due to the term “Engineering” used with Software. But we are not going to talk about the term only there are various parts we would like to discuss in this article such as Software Artists, Software Craftsperson, Software Authors, etc.

When we say Software Engineer, it does mean that a person who deeply looks at the quality of software by writing software as their core profession. Those Software Engineers are not curious to earn just money as doing normal job they are the people use their brain to add valuable scientific and statistical values to their professional software engineering skills.

This is a fact that if a person knows programming does not mean that he has also software engineering skills too, because almost anyone who wants to learn computer or software programming can easily get into it, by creating simple applications with basic or advance programming that might work for them on their personal computers or somehow more than their own machines, but it does not ensures that those applications are effective to work in different environments and on multiple machines or devices.

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